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 Photo: Luka Matijevec

Because guests like to travel light and want to make the best out of their time off!
We are proud to be holding an official concessionare dealer license at the nearest ski resort from the capital. For a day trip to Krvavec or a full-week of private ski lessons we can also provide entire equipment set (skis and snowboards, boots, gloves, goggles, winter clothes, snow shoes and sleds) for individuals or larger groups.



Prime location: Krvavec ski resort

For individuals or groups (4 or more ppl), beginner courses can take place in any resort in Slovenia. In our beginner courses, we teach you how to do your first "steps", how to use a ski lift, how to fall correctly - without getting injured, carving turns for those improving faster and much more.
Safety is always our first priority!


Location: any resort in Slovenia.

You already know how to ride, but getting bored on the slopes? Would you like to feel more comfortable and hit for the extreme slopes, do some jumping and avoid injuries? Our instructors will help you achieve this level faster, make it more fun and safer. Only by having somoeone observe you and tell you where you can correct mistakes you'll be able to take your skiing or snowboarding to the next level. We can teach you relaxed riding and how to really control your skis or snowboard so hitting the slopes will really be pure enjoyment.


All members of LABEL crew have many years of experience in teaching, some have even been pro riders. Helping you to learn first steps, become an advanced rider in the park or freeriding, we certainly make you love the snow sport, too!

Courses range from beginner to advanced of all disciplines in skiing and snowboarding, including park and freeride riding on extreme slopes. At the end of our week courses we usually organize a competition (park/ boardercross - depending on snow conditions) for everyone!

All the courses are taught by licenced instructors who already have many years of experience in teaching. It takes more than a good snowboarder to make a good instructor... a pedagogue, a friend.


Full equipment rental for skiing and snowboarding
- available for kids and adults!


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